Face to Face with God Our Saviour and Healer

Note: This is the first time that I have shared my teaching notes. I taught at a recent conference from these notes. I woke with a dream this morning that I was to post the notes on my website. Even without hearing my teaching, these notes are filled with scripture that is a lamp to o


LIVE TEACHING WORLD WIDE through the new app by Twitter called Periscope. I have a Twitter account (Carol P Clemans) that I use to post all of my articles from my website: www.carolclemans.org. This Saturday (5/16/15) at 10:30 am CST, I will be teaching at a conference and will set up

God has the answers for anxiety!

LIFE ENRICHMENT MINISTRIES, INC. (501c3) Proverbs 12 25 “Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, But a good word makes it glad.” NOTE: This scripture helps others to understand how God-centered counseling can help a person who is experiencing anxiety. Anxiety is alw

God’s Word has the answers to transform our minds/hearts!

LIFE ENRICHMENT MINISTRIES, INC. (501c3) It’s my heartbeat of ministry to help the believer who comes from emotional brokenness receive their healing through God’s truth!  Salvation removes our sins by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. Salvation does not remove our l

Self-Mutilation – why?

Why would self-mutilation ever occur by a believer in God? Because salvation removes our sins but does not remove our experiences, emotions, or memories. Harming self physically by cutting, hitting, scratching, banging head on wall, etc. or emotionally through negative self-talk happe

Nationwide God-based Counseling/Teaching Ministry

For 23 years, I have been counseling from a God-base using the Word of God as my core source of wisdom. I was blessed with a unique counseling education that was integrated through the God’s Word. This is explained on my website: www.carolclemans.org. I’ve been teaching God’s Word for

I Am Saved, but Still Hurting! (From the Heart of a Counselor)

A major misconception that many can have is that the experience of salvation should erase all emotional pain from the past or we automatically have the skills to heal from sexual abuse, addictions, etc. The Bible says we are new creatures in Christ and old things are passed away. This


LEM, INC. – PRODUCTS LIST This is a list of my teaching products from Life Enrichment Ministries, Inc. (Soon my web designer will upload the ‘products’ page to my website: www.carolclemans.org). NOTE: Prices below include shipping and handling fees. LIVE TEACHING DVD’S 

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